PUBG getting Team Deathmatch game mode in upcoming update

Olivia Richman • February 14, 2020 1:30 am

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s 6.2 update is bringing Team Deathmatch to PC and console. 

On February 19, players will be introduced to team deathmatch, the first arcade-style game mode to be featured in the popular battle royale. 

“PUBG is founded on the premise of Battle Royale, but we know that sometimes you just need to change it up a bit,” reads the official blog update. “For those players, we’re happy to introduce Arcade, a new feature that focuses on the PUBG gunplay that you love, but in new game types to thril and challenge you.” 

The first of these modes is an FPS classic: Team Deathmatch. 

In Team Deathmatch, PUBG players will take part in 8v8 fights across seven different battlefields “pull from your favorite maps.” Each player will choose between sevearl different weapon loadouts, using classic PUBG gunplay and mechanics to “frag their way to victory.” 

The rules for Team Deathmatch were shared on the blog as well. 

In Team Deathmatch, respawns are enabled. You respawn five seconds after each death, usually close to friendly players in a safe location. You’ll also be briefly invulnerable after respawn. 

Kills and assists will fill your boost gauge. If you don’t take damage for five seconds, your health will begin to regenerate, which depletes your boost guage simultaneously. 

Players win a round in Team Deathmatch by being the first team to reach 50 kills. You can also win by having the highest kills after 10 minutes if nobody reached 50 by that time. Winning two rounds secures you the match victory. 

While playing Team Deathmatch will not get you Survivor Pass XP, you will get BP based on your individual score. 

“Whether you enjoy the relentless challenge of 8v8 battles or are just looking for a new way to train your gun skills in heavy combat scenarios, you can get right into the action with Arcade,” the developer said. 

On the Arcade mode screen, 8v8 Team Deathmatch is seen at the top. There are two slots underneath with the words “coming soon.” It hasn’t been revealed what the next arcade modes will be, but PUBG Corp. claims they are currently “being prepared.” 


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