Project L will have a 2v2 mode with four players

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 27, 2023

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Riot’s hotly-anticipated 2D fighter game, Project L, will return to EVO 2023 after debuting on the big stage in 2019. But this time, its new 2v2 mode will be playable.

Project L is a League of Legends fighter game featuring champions from Riot’s MOBA. However, in Project L, the champions have more distinct lore and exaggerated powers to help them win 2v2 battles. Now, Riot has shared more details about its new fighter, tearing the curtain on tag-team wrestling style mode.

Project L’s 2v2 mode will allow four players to be on the server simultaneously, with each champion would be assigned to an individual player instead of one player controlling both champions.

Project L gameplay

The developers played the new game mode in a short video demonstrating how to handle the champions in a 2v2 battle. Two champions would lock horns at a time, and players can tag their teammate into the battle whenever they deem it suitable. The 2v2 duo mode has been inspired by the Tekken Tag Tournament and Mortal Kombat 11, but players would find the new Fuse System to be completely unique.

Project L

Fuse System adds more synergy to team play as players can select power-ups before the match. For example, combining ultimate with teammate’s and “2x Assist” fuse, which is something the developers have discussed in the demo. Currently, it’s unclear how exactly the 2x Assist works, but you likely use two of your partner’s assists back to back.

“Before the game starts, each team can choose to customize how their champs play together. With fuses, you can choose between powerful synergies that change up your Duo Play style and really allow player expression to shine,” Project L game director Shaun Rivera said.

The new duo mode will be playable at Evo 2023 from August 4-6. The developer has confirmed three characters for the EVO demo: Darius, Ahri, and Ekko. According to Riot, a fourth champion will be announced later.


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