Pro player ELiGE says Dust 2 mid doors need to be changed

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

If you think losing a massive chunk of health at the start of a round while crossing Dust 2’s mid doors is annoying, you’re not alone. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski is in the same boat.

CSGO’s legendary map Dust 2 is also one of the game’s oldest locations, and the developer has no apparent plans of pulling it out of active duty. The map has barely seen any design changes in its long run, and players rarely complain. However, Counter-Strike pro EliGE has given voice to the frustrations of many, bringing the spotlight to the Dust 2 mid doors.

Taking it to Twitter, the pro player for Team Liquid stressed it’s “dumb” that Counter-Terrorists have to waste a smoke in the first few seconds of the round just to safely reach bombsite B.

Do the Dust 2 mid double doors need a rework?

The double doors at mid might help CTs watch A short, but it’s challenging to get to the other side of the area given the exposure across mid. Players can rarely make it through the Dust 2 mid double doors without taking damage to their armor or health. To avoid dying in the beginning of a round, CTs employ smoke grenades to cross safely. This puts one side at a disadvantage as players have already used utility worth $300.

Another way to cross mid is to bunny hop past the doors. But not all players are skilled at the movement tricks in CSGO, and enemies can still deal damage. Wall bangs are a pretty standard game mechanic, and it’s a surefire tactic for snipers to render damage in the first few seconds of a round on Dust 2. Thus, EliGE’s point has weight.

While not many pro players have previously voiced this concern, it’s undoubtedly a significant problem with the Dust 2 layout. Forcing one side to invest a set amount each round just to reach a bomb site is rather unfair. It damages the economy of one side and makes it impossible to get to B in save rounds.

Dust 2’s legendary design has rarely had any significant design changes, so there’s little hope the developer would take the complaint into account. However, Valve recently flipped the doors on the B site, so it’s not entirely out of the question. Many players agree with EliGE’s stance, so it’s likely that Valve will at least consider this design change to balance the iconic location.