PowerOfEvil says next LCS week “will prove who the top teams are”

By Olivia Richman


Mar 24, 2020

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FlyQuest had a decent weekend in the LCS, coming out 1-1 after a loss to 100 Thieves. That’s how it’s been throughout the second half of the Spring Split for FlyQuest, some wins here, then some losses there. The squad was once an undisputed top three team, but now they will have to fight next weekend to claim that spot once again.

WIN.gg spoke with mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage about FlyQuest’s journey this season, from online matches and scrimming in their rooms, to working on reclaiming a top-three spot.

Because of the coronavirus, the LCS is now online. Where was your team playing from and how was that experience for you?

PowerOfEvil: For me, it was the first time in six years I’ve played an online match. It was definitely strange. I would say, it’s not as exciting as playing on stage with a crowd. I was playing from my own bedroom, so it was a different feeling.

I’m pretty sure some people like it because it’s less pressure and less hype. But I normally like to have that. So I felt I was missing out on that.

It’s a little bit different. The feedback sessions we’re having, the reviews… We are playing from our own bedroom. Before, we were playing from the office next to each other or together on stage.

Are you all in your own apartments right now?

We’re in the gaming house, but everyone is playing in their own rooms so we’re still far away from each other.

Is it possible to put all your computer setups in one room in the gaming house?

We would have that space. But I think it’s a combo between the players being too lazy to set all that up and also trying to avoid contact as much as we can.

During the lockdown, has the team done any activities together or are practicing social distancing? 

No, we are playing a lot of games together, since we can’t get out. Mostly party games, like Pummel Party, which is kind of like Mario Party. And then we played Gary’s Mod TTT. That’s a game where you are trying to lie or deceive others to make them believe you’re a good guy. We do that after scrims and solo queue. It’s pretty fun.

Who is the best at Gary’s Mod TTT?

I think I was really good at it, but we were playing with other teams as well. There’s always two or three really good guys from each team.

Is it really a good thing to be deemed the best liar on the team?

True, true! But I feel like people get really good after a few days, in a short amount of time.

How has the new schedule been? Have you been able to scrim as much as you feel your team wants or needs? 

We’ve been doing the same amount of scrims. Same schedule as before. Nothing really changed. We’re just all playing and practicing from our own rooms.

What do you think has made you guys so successful this season?

This split, I would say that we all want to play with each other and have fun playing with each other. Those are two big key factors. We had our ups and downs, we had an 0-2 weekend the week before last, but we had a team meeting about our issues.

We are all really open to feedback and criticism. We all just want to play well and be the best we can be. It was a turnaround already this week. We are all open to improving ourselves before blaming the team.

What do you think had gone wrong against 100 Thieves this weekend?

We didn’t review the game yet with our coaches so it’s somewhat hard to say. There were a lot of little issues and mistakes, leading up to big mistakes.

What will the team be focusing on and working on leading up to next week’s matches?

We will see what mistakes we made and what individual mistakes we made. Then we will try to focus on those. Maybe level up on our draft, too.

We definitely need to work on our herald swaps and team plays in general, finding the right engage angles and the right team fights.

At the start of the Spring Split, FlyQuest was seen as on of the top three teams. Do you think you’re still there now?

Cloud9 is best team by far. Then it’s TSM, EG, and us, in no particular order. I think that the last week will really show where each team will end up. One of the other teams, like 100T, could come up. But I assume it will be TSM, EG, or us.

But you never know what will happen.

Even though it doesn’t count towards Worlds like before, what is your motivation for coming out on top this season?

For me, I just want to win. I just want to do as good as I can, to the best of my ability. I play every game to win. I want to help my team the best I can from my lane and my skillset. I’m pretty sure my team wants the same. We don’t think too much about if it matters or not.


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