Popular Fortnite player Tfue gets Fortnite tattoo on stream

Steven Rondina • February 28, 12:58

Fortnite has left a literal mark on Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

The FaZe Clan streamer and the winningest pro player in Fortnite’s history streamed himself receiving a brand new tattoo inspired by the game. Above his knee alongside an inked knifed is Jonesy, one of the game’s playable soldier characters.

The tattoo pays homage to longstanding claims that Tfue shares a likeness with the character. Though this may be a stretch, Tfue has embraced the gimmick by periodically adopting Jonesy as his avatar on social media and occasionally cosplaying as the character. He took that a step further here by having the character etched permanently onto his leg.

Tfue wasn’t alone in getting some ink. Fellow FaZe Clan member Ricky “Banks” Banks got in on the action by having Tfue mark down his creator code on his thigh, with a tattoo artist roughing out the text and Tfue working the pen to make it permanent.

The shoutouts for the code are an effort by Tfue to get fans to utilize Fortnite’s Support-a-Creator program, which allows content creators to receive a cut of V-Bucks purchases made in the game by fans.

Tfue has aggressively plugged his code to the point that it has become something of a joke, but this takes it to another level. Banks’ tattoo has since been used in an impromptu advertisement for Tfue’s creator code posted on Instagram.

Though one can question the long-term implications of this permanent ink, no one can doubt Banks’ commitment to his teammates.


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