Politician AOC showcase solo queue Baron steal on Instagram

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Politician and streamer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC, recently pulled off a Baron steal that was too good not to be showcased on her official Instagram. 

Besides being a U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, AOC has gotten known in the gaming community over the past year through her stream on Twitch. With a whopping 1 million followers on the streaming platform, AOC has made herself noticeable in a way very few politicians have done before. AOC has streamed a variety of different games on Twitch, one of the main ones being League of Legends. 

AOC featuring her clutch Baron snipe on IG from r/leagueoflegends


On her Instagram, AOC proudly shared a Baron steal made in a solo queue game. The Instagram story had a text saying that many people probably wouldn’t understand what is going on except for her followers acquired through gaming. 

“I’ve been so bad at this game for so long and I finally pulled off something cool and have to share it,” AOC said. 

And the play certainly was cool. Most players will have a proud solo queue moment and it’s likely often a major objective steal. In this case, AOC managed to steal the Baron from afar by using Lux Final Spark (R). It was a surprising steal that the enemy clearly didn’t see coming. 

AOC had been running down towards the Baron while the enemy was bursting it down and barely managed to get in range. At almost maximum range, she channeled the Final Spark from her team’s Blue Buff and sniped the monster with the tip of the ability. 

AOC League of Legends gameplay has improved

Last year, AOC announced that she had made it all the way to Silver 3 rank after playing in Bronze just months before that. By maining champions such as Sona, Lux, and Janna, AOC has improved in League of Legends and had her stream join her for some of the journey. 

According to the popular politician, League has even helped her deal with “right-wing” Twitter trolls easier after playing a bunch of solo queue. After climbing to Silver, AOC moved a bit away from streaming LoL and got bit by the Among Us fever by the end of 2020. During a charity stream, she raised $200,000 while playing Among Us

During the charity stream, AOC played with popular faces on Twitch such as xqc, DisquisedToast, Hasanabi, and others. As of today, AOC hasn’t been active on Twitch for three months but will hopefully be back live at some point.    


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