Police investigate stalking, question Baka Prase on Kika’s death

By Steven Rondina


Dec 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The death of YouTuber and former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitor Kristina “Kika” Dukic is now being actively investigated by police.

Shortly after news of Kika’s death was made public, fans and professional gaming personalities from the region speculated that harassment may have been a factor in her demise. According to Blic, police in Serbia also suspect this might be the case and are investigating possible threats, doxxing, and stalking that may have contributed to circumstances around her death.

As part of this, authorities brought YouTuber Bogdan “Baka Prase” Ilić into a station for questioning. Baka Prase is not a suspect and is not being charged with any crimes at this time, but police wanted to discuss the circumstances surrounding Kika’s death with him. 

Who is Baka Prase?

Baka Prase is a YouTuber who was involved in a public feud with Kika prior to her death. Baka Prase made a number of videos blasting Kika on YouTube, one of which garnered over 8 million views. The videos were taken down following her passing.

The beef grew from there when the two were involved in an argument on a daytime news show segment related to the disagreement, which saw a number of explosive reactions from Baka Prase. During the interview, Kika indicated that she was receiving harassment from his fans. 

“If you weren’t saying stupid things, there wouldn’t be negative comments,” Baka Prase responded.

Baka Prase discussed her death on Instagram after, stating the two had made amends and became friends while denying having any role in her death.

“Tonight I’ll say everything from the heart…I feel bad for not sharing that we made up and became friends. I feel bad because people don’t understand the reasons, but they’re pointing fingers, not giving peace and respect to the dead just so they can gain some likes, shares, and moral points, so they would satisfy their need for revenge, all in the worst possible way,” Baka Prase said in an Instagram post.

Who is Kika?

Kika was an influencer who had significant followings on both YouTube and Instagram. In addition to her content creation, she made multiple appearances in professional women’s Counter-Strike tournaments, most notably competing twice in the Copenhagen Games. She also created content with some CSGO organizations.

Kika died on December 8, 2021 by suicide. The news was announced on her Instagram page.