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Pokimane is back streaming on Twitch after her burnout break

by | Sep 10, 2020

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Pokimane fans, followers, viewers, and simps, mark your calendars. 

Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys recently revealed that she will be returning to the streaming platform on September 11, 2020. It’s been almost 40 days since she took her streaming hiatus due to a lack of motivation and burnout. 

In the tweet, Pokimane appeared excited to return. 

“See you there,” she said. 

Why did Pokimane leave Twitch?

After telling fans that she misses her family, fans, and conventions, Pokimane had announced that she was leaving Twitch until she again felt the excitement to stream and create content. 

During her month-long absence, Pokimane did post an “overdue apology” after fans called her out over a multitude of issues. The most prominent drama involved popular YouTuber Leafy calling Pokimane out for having a boyfriend.

Many people felt that she purposely kept that part of her life a secret to get more followers. Some even saw it as manipulating men into subscribing to her and supporting her. 

In the apology, Pokimane explained that everyone has a right to privacy. She didn’t confirm nor deny that she had a significant other. 

Despite the drama, Pokimane continued to keep a low profile during her hiatus. According to the streamer with over 5.4 million followers, the break from Twitch really seemed to make a difference. 

Pokimane went live in the middle of her break to play Among Us for six hours. Followers were curious about her absence, but Pokimane noted that she didn’t want to talk about it too much. Still, she told them it felt like a “life overhaul,” giving it two thumbs up. 

“If you asked me if I’m ready to come back to streaming, I would just say, ‘I’m almost there,’ you know?” Pokimane said 28 days into her break. 

During the surprise stream, Pokimane explained that she wanted to be filled with motivation, excitement, and “real readiness.” 

“I feel like I’m deep in the process,” Pokimane noted. “My excitement is building.” 

Despite the break, her fans seem excited to have her back. Most of the responses to Pokimane’s return were positive, with fans welcoming her back with hearts, gifs, and emojis. Twitch itself even said, “We’ll be there!” 

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