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PokeRogue players want these features added to the game

By Olivia Richman


Jun 6, 2024

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PokeRogue is a roguelike game that focuses on the battle component of Pokemon. The unofficial browser game has you duking it out with bosses at each level, building a strong team of Pokemon as you go.

While it has gained a steady following, some Pokemon trainers have ideas that they feel would improve the game. The discussion gained a lot of traction on Reddit.

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Make Classic mode harder

The Classic mode in PokeRogue has been seen as a bit underwhelming for skilled players. How it works now, Classic mode stays the same difficulty for most of your climb except for some sudden boss battles that are tougher. This has made the middle levels feel a bit empty and boring. One suggestion includes the levels getting progressively harder as you climb.

One PokeRogue player added that there should be harder modes. This mode would even include bosses and trainers that aren’t in Classic mode.

Z-Moves in PokeRogue

Z-Moves are essentially powered-up versions of a Pokemon’s regular attack. They require a Z-Crystal to unlock and use. It could be interesting to have a system that allows trainers to find these Z-Crystals or get them in a gatcha machine similar to how the eggs work. These would be great in clutch situations where you need to get an OHKO in tougher modes.

PokeRogue level up

More levels

PokeRogue players want more levels, suggesting that the game reach 400 or 500 instead. Why? This would allow for more challenges and more opportunities to Megaevolve or Gigantimax their Pokemon. Most people had no reason to do those within the 200 levels, especially with maxed-out Pokemon who could breeze through the levels.

More Pokemon encounters in PokeRogue

It was a popular idea to have sudden rare or Legendary encounters between levels. This would create more opportunity to catch powerful Pokemon but also make leveling up more satisfying, especially in the middle levels where the game can feel a bit draggy.

More music

Some PokeRogue players simply wanted more music. Hearing the same song all the time got a bit tiring and repetitive for some players’ grinding levels. Maybe the music could change during encounters or when fighting Pokemon.


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