Pokemon Unite report system

Pokemon Unite players are frustrated with report system

By Olivia Richman


Sep 7, 2021

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The Pokemon Unite community of players is frustrated with the new MOBA’s reporting system.

While most games allow players to report fellow competitors who are inactive, griefing, or using offensive language, toxic players in Pokemon Unite seem to all but get away with their negative behaviors. Fans have noticed that the only players who seem to face real consequences are those who are inactive for several minutes or leave ranked matches early. This is due to the lack of nuanced reporting options in the game.

Why is Pokemon Unite’s report system frustrating players?

It’s very easy to get away with wrongdoings in Pokemon Unite.

Players are encouraged not to misbehave by their being offered rewards of 20 Aeos coins each day they are not reported. Players who are reported for idling, which is the only currently reportable offense, are investigated. If they are found guilty, they will lose some points. Players found guilty a second time are temporarily prevented from playing ranked until their points are returned, which is easy enough to accomplish. Most players are left unworried about getting reported for their behavior since the consequences are so minimal.

Pokemon developers addressed player concerns regarding the report options.

“If repeated inappropriate behavior or conduct with malicious intent has been identified, your account may be permanently banned. We encourage players to engage in appropriate behavior and keep the game experience fun and safe for everyone,” developers said.

But it’s unclear what exactly it takes for players to be permanently banned from Pokemon Unite.

Some players feel that the quality of the ranked matches is negatively impacted by the game’s lack of proper matchmaking. Competitive matches are often full of players with a broad variety of skill levels and toxic players who don’t face any backlash for their potential negative behavior.

Is there voice chat in Pokemon Unite?

There is voice chat in Pokemon Unite, but players must reach trainer level 6 to enable voice chat options. Prior to then, players can only communicate with fixed written options. Pressing up on the D-Pad will open up a wheel with a few important prompts, including “headed to the bottom path” and telling teammates that an ultimate move is ready.

Once voice chat is activated, it must be enabled before each match. Individual players can be muted.

Most players do not seem to use voice chat, especially in unranked matches, which means the language is milder than in most other competitive games. But spam can still be a problem.

The biggest issue in-game seems to be idling. A player must be idle for a few minutes before a team can vote to surrender. Over half of the team must agree. Sometimes players will just sit in the spawn when they give up on a match. These players are often reported with no consequence.

Meanwhile, the team receives a CPU player, which is often quite a disadvantage. But it’s also unfair to throw a random player into a losing match. So it’s unclear what can be done about the abundance of idling players at the moment. The Pokemon Unite community generally feels that the only solution is to make the penalty for idling much harsher in order to better deter players from doing it so often.


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