Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Math Class Answers

By Melany Moncada


Dec 12, 2022

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Taking classes is an important part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Completing the assignments allows players to develop friendships with the teachers and earn rewards. One of the classes that students must complete is Math with Ms. Tyme. Math might not be your strongest suit, but here are all the Math class answers.

Students must take three initial classes that will cover basic concepts.

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Math Class Answers, Class 1-3

  1. If the move Water Gun hits a Fire-type Pokemon, what becomes of the move’s damage? It’s doubled.
  2. If you had 2,000 and bought as many Poke Balls as you could afford, how many would you receive? Eleven.
  3. What percent chance a Pokemon has of landing a Critical Hit? About 4%

After the first three classes are completed, students must take the midterm test. All the questions are based on the first three classes, students must answer three out of five questions correctly.


  1. How much damage does a Water gun do when it hits a Fire-type Pokemon? Double Damage.
  2. How much damage does Razor Leaf do when it hits a Fire-type Pokemon? Half Damage.
  3. If you spend $2,000 on as many $200 Poke Balls as possible, how many would you get? Eleven.
  4. What percent chance does a Pokemon usually have to land a Critical Hit? About 4%
  5. How much damage does a move deal with it lands a Critical Hit? One-and-a-half times as much.

Now come the remaining three classes and the final exam.

Math Class Answer, Class 4-6

  1. How much more damage would this Pokemon deal? Triple damage.
  2. What would you use, Surf or Hydro Pump? Any answer is valid.
  3. If a Pokemon shares a type with this move and uses it and hits an opponent that is weak to that move, what happens to that moves power? Its power becomes 300.

The final exam is based on classes four through six, and students only need to get three out of five answers correct in order to be successful.

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  1. How many Great Balls could you purchase for $3,000 if each one costs $600? Five.
  2. If a Water-type Pokemon move with a power of 100 lands a critical hit on a Grass-type Pokemon, what will the move’s power be? 75.
  3. Under normal conditions, what percent chance does Stone Edge have to land a critical hit? 12%
  4. If a Pokemon uses Sword Dance twice to boost its Attack by four stages, how much damage will its physical moves then do? Triple Damage.
  5. If a Rock-type Pokemon whose Tera Type is Rock Terastallizes, what will the power of its Rock-type moves be multiplied by? Two.

Congratulations, you completed the Math class! Now, find Ms. Tyme around the Academy and go over the conversations. In the end, the teacher will reward you with 50 Rock Tera Shards. 


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