Pokémon officially confirms the future of Ash Ketchum

By Olivia Richman


Dec 2, 2022

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Pokemon fans have been speculating the future of the anime and its main protagonist Ash Ketchum after the wannabe Pokemon master became a Pokemon Champion. The bittersweet moment had the community concerned about what Ash Ketchum would do next, if anything. Would he be leaving the long-running anime? Would the anime be canceled?

After a month of wondering, the Pokemon community has an official update.

Ash Ketchum will continue his Pokemon anime adventure

YouTuber ThePokeRaf had a lot of Pokemon news come December, including an update to a rumor. Fans wondered if this would be the last season of the Pokemon anime due to the solemn name of the finale episode of the season, “I’m Glad I Got to Meet You.” Turns out, however, that it’s about Goh’s feelings about Ash, not something sentimental with Pikachu or anything else nostalgic. This quells fans’ fears of a potential death in the franchise, something The Pokemon Company has generally avoided throughout the show.

ThePokeRaf also had a translation of a company press release where the general manager of the anime business headquarters, Hiraoka Risuke, stated that Pokemon was continuing. According to the translation, “Satoshi’s future will continue.”

“We will be revealing information on how this adventure will turn out in future anime broadcasts,” he added.

So Pokemon’s anime isn’t ending after all. And Ash Ketchum’s journey isn’t over. Satoshi is Ash’s name is Japanese, meaning that the iconic protagonist still has more adventuring to do. He still isn’t a Pokemon master after all, with hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon still to discover. The eternal teenager could continue his path as an assistant tot he various Pokemon professors or as a mentor to a new generation of battlers.

With confirmation that Ash Ketchum will be in Generation 9, fans are now anxiously awaiting what new storyline awaits one of the most iconic anime characters of all time.


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