Pokemon Legends Arceus may be most difficult Pokemon game yet

Olivia Richman • August 30, 2021 10:09 am

The Pokemon community has been complaining about how easy a lot of the recent Pokemon titles have been. But a leaker has recently revealed that Pokemon Legends Arceus will be one of the most difficult games in the series.

Pokemon Legends Arceus was shown off heavily during an August Presents. The heavily anticipated RPG is coming in 2022, but the Pokemon community can’t seem to wait that long for more information. Many fans are already looking into the unique Pokemon title, from its new gameplay to its questionable graphics. One thing that really stood out to leaker CentroPokemon is that the game will finally break away from the “too easy” category Pokemon has recently fallen into.

According to CentroPokemon, Pokemon Legends Arceus won’t have the increasingly common inventory mechanic that has allowed players to access every item they own at any given time in previous titles. It will instead be more similar to older generations titles like Red and Blue, where trainers have to strategically decide which items to bring with them while exploring the vast world.

“Unlike previous games, you will not be able to access all your objects at all times in Pokemon Legends,” CentroPokemon wrote on Twitter.

According to CentroPokemon, bag space is limited in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Before each mission, trainers will have to decide exactly which items to bring with them. The rest of the items will be in storage.

If this ends up being true of Pokemon Legends Arceus, the RPG will have a survival element similar to games like Fallout. This makes the missions more difficult because a strategy must be decided before tackling it. When combined with the crafting element confirmed by Nintendo, the limited bag space proves quite tricky compared to previous titles.

Like other survival RPGs, Pokemon Legends Arceus also has a camping element that’s very important. When combined with crafting and storing, players will have to rely on these make-shift locations to properly store items throughout the game.

While all of this doesn’t necessarily mean that Pokemon Legends Arceus will be a particularly difficult game, it would confirm that it’s a lot more strategic and complex than many recent Pokemon titles. This has some Pokemon fans even more excited for the game, especially older players that miss the more difficult games from earlier generations.


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