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Pokémon Go players getting robbed when responding to Campfire flares

By Olivia Richman


Apr 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Pokémon Go players are weary of the Campfire app after some trainers were robbed when responding to a Raid Flare.

Niantic created an app called Campfire to be downloaded alongside Pokémon Go. The social app allows Pokémon players to find other trainers in their area by lighting flares. Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been the wholesome community tool that Niantic originally hoped for.

Since Campfire has been around, multiple Pokémon players have reported that they’ve been robbed after being lured in by flares. There is nothing officially reported to the police as far as we could see, but reviews on the App Store and stories on Reddit have been enough to make trainers weary of the possibilities. Many have shared their own close calls.

“I got a notification at like 11pm last night saying a flare was lit. Like, there’s definitely not a Raid going on. It was at a small park for daycare kids” said one player on Reddit.

“A few weeks ago, I got out of work late. It was dark already. I drove by a three gym spot, saw one parked, and started the Raid. When the countdown hit below 30, I saw a second player join. And out of the shadows, a male figure emerged,” said another.

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Is Campfire actually dangerous?

As long as Pokémon Go has been around, players have been reporting concerning interactions. This includes people using Pokestops to lure in innocent victims and even a father and son attempting to drown another Pokémon player over a gym battle.

But some Pokémon fans have noted that Campfire has made sketchy behavior more convenient for perpetrators. Trainers have started warning others to only respond to flares while in a large group and to opt for remote raiding whenever possible.

While these solutions are definitely a safe alternative, it does defeat the purpose of Campfire, which is to bring the community together.

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The official Campfire website reads: “With the Campfire Map, you’ll never have to play alone again. Real-time activity updates will show your neighborhood’s hottest play areas, so you can meet up with other players in no time.”

What is Pokémon Go Campfire?

Campfire allows players to stay connected through direct messages on the app, making it easier to coordinate meetups with other Go players. You can also share your location and send out flares when you’re in need of help or when you are on your way.

Niantic has not responded to the new wave of robbery concerns. For now, respond to Raid flares with caution and try to approach Pokestops or other trainers only when in a large group.