Pokemon and Hatsune Miku collab announced

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 31, 2023

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Pokemon has announced a collab album featuring the Vocaloid program Hatsune Miku.

Pokemon is known for its frequent collaborations, and now Nintendo has set its eyes on the world of digital pop stars. Hatsune Miku is the most famous Vocaloid program in the world, and soon, Pokemon will be releasing an official 18-song album with the program. Here are details on the Hatsune Miku Pokemon album, how to listen to it live, and hints at the special collab artwork.

The collaboration was announced on August 31, 2023. Titled Project Voltage, the album will make periodic releases for several months after September 2023. The album will feature 18 songs made by 18 different producers, with each track corresponding to a different Pokemon type

Each song will come with a corresponding music video and official artwork based on each of the 18 types. For Pokemon fans, this will be a fun series that shows off a Miku-appropriate team of each type. For Vocaloid enjoyers, this means more official art and a whole album to enjoy.

Pokemon x Hatsune Miku collab art

How to listen to the Hatsune Miku and Pokemon collab album

All of the songs released in Project Voltage will be revealed through the collab’s official X account.

The release schedule for the Hatsune Miku and Pokemon collab starts on September 4, with one new type-themed artwork being released every weekday for the entire month. It will come to a close on September 29, which will also mark the start of the music releases. The project is still in the process of selecting artists and producers, so no famous creators like PinocchioP or DECO*27 have been confirmed. However, considering Pokemon’s pedigree, it’s safe to expect some big names.

Crypton has not confirmed if other supplemental materials, such as new Miku modules or MMD models, will be released as part of the project. However, the official Project Voltage website hints that the event will contain multiple surprises for fans.


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