Phoenix in Valorant

Phoenix is the worst agent in Valorant and this is why

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

One of Valorant’s original agents, Phoenix rarely sees playtime in the current meta. Does he need buffs in order to return to his former glory?

The duelist roster of Valorant is packed with tricksters who have niche abilities. Jett and Neon can pull off unique feats based on their speed. Reyna, Yoru, and Raze have their fortes, enabling them to become number one picks on specific maps. Naturally, players prefer to choose aggressive duelists as they can rise up the ranks quickly. Phoenix doesn’t really fit into any niche. 

The fiery agent is greatly slacking in the current meta. With a plunging pick rate in both casual and professional games, Phoenix doesn’t seem to fit in the spirited duelist lineup. The community is now requesting that Riot Games tweak his kit to fit the current Valorant style. 

Does Phoenix need to be buffed? 

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Considering the state of the duelist lineup, Phoenix could surely use a buff or even a rework to fit in the current Valorant meta. The fiery immortal is the least-picked duelist, which is concerning. 

Phoenix has a pick rate of 1.2% in Valorant, which is remarkably low for a duelist. The other five duelists in Valorant have a map they excel at, but players refrain from picking Phoenix on any location. His kit doesn’t bring anything special to the table, which may be why he’s picked scarcely in the ranked games.

Phoenix is the only agent who does a little bit of everything. He heals, flashes, and deals damage with his kit. This versatility comes at the cost of niche abilities that most agents have. While Phoenix is a jack of all trades, he doesn’t excel at any of his powers.

Whatever he can do, other characters do it better, making him a secondary option. Players don’t pick Phoenix for his signature powers. Instead, he’s more of a filler for those looking to play casually. 

All high-tier Valorant agents have special powers and abilities that no other has. A character must be indispensable in order to be a must-pick in high-level games. There isn’t a single ability he has that a different agent can’t do better. 

As more agents enter the protocol, Phoenix goes further down the pick rate list. It’s evident that he may be viable in Project: A, new characters are shaping up the meta in a way that renders him useless. Riot Games may want to buff his kit to suit the current game style of Valorant, where each agent is extraordinary.