Perfect World releases 128-tick CSGO servers before Valve

Nick Johnson • August 24, 19:27

Perfect World has released an outside client that has brought 128-tick server to China’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

Called the Perfect World Battle platform, the client seems to operate much like other third-party options like ESEA and FACEIT. The Chinese publisher originally inked a deal with Valve to bring CSGO to China’s enormous playerbase in 2018. Now, PW is officially launching its own 128-tick servers in China before Valve launches their own.

Valve’s Chinese partner offering CSGO players 128-tick servers

CSGO’s playerbase has called for 128-tick matchmaking for years, and for good reason.

The upgraded servers provide a better gameplay experience by doubling the number of times a server can communicate with a player’s client. In practice, the higher tickrate makes the game more responsive in ways that CSGO players can feel immediately. It’s often compared to the difference between monitor refresh rates; once a player uses a 144hz monitor, the standard 60hz refresh rate feels clunkly.

In addition to China’s 128-tick CSGO servers, the client also looks as though it has full match statistics support and a transparent ELO system. While CSGO players can actually load the Perfect World version of the game that complies with Chinese censorship laws, it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to check out PW’s Battle platform. was unable to directly test the client due to the Perfect Pass’ region restrictions.

Below is a translation of Perfect World’s description of its new CSGO client’s 128-tick server:

“If you haven’t experienced the whole new world of 128 ticks, you will experience how silky smooth the premier servers are. Our platform partner is experienced and hosted multiple official professional tournaments. Participants of this event will enjoy the same environment as the pros. Platform offers PCA anti-cheat and 360-degree identification. The platform not only has quick response, but also gives transparency to the entire process. It will improve all aspects of your competition experience.”

Did Perfect World ditch VAC?

Interestingly, the description mentions PAC, what sounds like a custom anti-cheat for PW’s new CSGO client. But in a promotional image, “VAC” is clearly visible in the background, further muddling just how seperate China’s improved CSGO is from Steam and Valve. The image also includes an ominous warning for cheaters: “PAC is watching you!”

Its release puts Valve into an interesting situation, especially considering that the client is hosted under Perfect World’s parent company, Wanmei, despite being credited to the Chinese publisher. PW sidestepping Valve is comparable to if Tencent created a third-party League of Legends client that improved on that of Riot Games.

Chinese CSGO players require a “Perfect Pass” to play on the servers, but it comes with its own perks. Perfect World is currently running a domestic CSGO tournament ladder open to all pass holders. In addition to CSGO, the client also supports Dota 2, another one of Valve’s titles that PW brought to Chinese shores.

The rest of CSGO will just have to wait for Valve.


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