Patch 9.24 live in League of Legends with Braum, Diana changes

By Marta Juras


Dec 11, 2019

Reading time: 4 min

League of Legends is ready for patch 9.24, the final update of the year. The patch will implement a number of champion balance changes, updates to runes, visual updates, and more.

Riot has taken time since the start of preseason to collect player feedback and identify features that felt out of place. Patch 9.24 is bringing new Dawnbringer, Nightbringer and Sugar Rush skins, the Legend of the Poro King game mode, reworks, buffs, and nerfs. The new and complex marksman Aphelios is going live with the patch as well.



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Patch 9.24 brings buffs to Braum, Amumu, Omnistone, and more

Amumu received a simple buff to Bandage Toss with a decreased cooldowns at early levels. It might not seem like a big change, but it should allow Amumu players to feel more secure about their ganks and engagements. Karma, Rammus, and Sivir also received minor buffs.

Braum fell behind other supports this preseason, so Riot buffed him all around. Besides an increase in his base health stats, Braum’s Stand Behind Me is getting lower cooldown and mana costs, and Glacial Fissure has more damage with longer knock-ups. However, to not make it too easy for Braum to protect his carries, the bonus resistance from Stand Behind Me is getting lowered both for Braum and the allied champions.

Omnistone, a keystone in the inspiration path, has been adjusted in a way that should grant other keystones less randomly and more based around the current in-game situation. For example, players will be less likely to receive Predator while in combat, but more likely to get Dark Harvest if a low-health enemy is close. 

Nerfs await Garen, Senna, Akali, and others

Akali’s Five Point Strike is dealing less bonus magic damage to monsters, and the hitbox behind her is removed. With Five Point Strike only going forward, most players should feel more comfortable using it, while pros won’t be able to abuse the unique hitbox.

Equipped with Conqueror, Garen is simply too strong. Judgment will now need a 25% attack speed increase for an additional spin, and individual spins will deal less damage. Riot doesn’t want players to focus on stacking attack speed as much and this opens Garen towards more builds.

Kassadin got nerfed for the same reason in that he’s simply overpowered throughout the game. Null Sphere cooldowns have been increased, and Nether Blade’s mana regen decreased at higher levels. Ryze got a minor nerf to his Overload damage.

Minions will be dropping fewer Mist Wraiths for Senna, her Piercing Darkness’s damage is getting decreased, and so is Last Embrace’s root duration. Both of Senna’s roles are getting nerfed, but ADC Senna will suffer more from these changes. Dawning Shadow’s AP damage ratio will, however, be slightly higher.

League players like to abuse Yuumi’s untargetability, especially by attaching to tanks. Riot is looking to change that with an update that pushes her to reveal herself more often, and making her utilize more of her power when she’s attached to squisher champions.

Bop’n’Block passive will give Yuumi a stronger shield as well as mana restoration. But Prowling Projectile will cost more mana and deal less damage, although it will give higher empowered damage. You and Me! now needs to be channeled, and will be put on a cooldown if Yuumi is immobilized. Zoomies won’t be increasing her healing based on target’s missing health. On the other hand, for a higher cost, her cooldowns will be lower her and healing and durations are stronger.

As expected, Conqueror is the keystone receiving a nerf due to its high sustainability. Riot lowered both its duration and healing based on its damage dealt. 

Aphelios, Diana’s rework, and Legend of the Poro King going live in 9.24

There’s even more updates with the last patch. Aphelios, the champion with a kit so complicated Riot suggested rereading his kit primer a couple of times, is available in the in-game store. With new skins for Diana, Soraka, Lee Sin, Ziggs, and more, another big change in the patch is Diana’s rework. Diana’s skills have been shuffled and buffed so as to make her a proper AP bruiser.

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Players will also be able to enjoy Legend of the Poro King as the latest game mode rotating this year. Poro King is coming with a slight twist, though, as new Dawnbringer and Nightbringer snax are implemented in the game. Riot also implemented a number of bug fixes, minor changes to jungle objectives, visual updates, and more. A full list of patch notes is available here.


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