Everything you need to know about the Diana rework in LoL

By Marta Juras


Nov 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Diana is receiving visual and gameplay reworks in an upcoming League of Legends patch. She’s the next on the list of champions whose ability sets need to be freshened up to be a more viable pick in the larger champion pool.

Since her release during Season 2, Diana hasn’t received many changes. She’s played as a combination of an assassin and an AP bruiser. But with the rework Riot Games has announced, she’ll lean more towards the bruiser side, giving her a clearer identity and hopefully making her a more favorable pick.

Moonfall and Lunar Rush are switched, Moonfall buffed

Diana’s Lunar Rush ultimate, with which she dashes to an enemy to burst them down and can then potentially dash to another one, is swapping places with Moonfall. Lunar Rush will now be on E, while Moonfall will be an ultimate with a new twist. Developers at Riot Games believe this will give her a stronger early game both in the jungle and mid thanks to her increased mobility.

Moonfall, now positioned on R, will still reveal, slow, and draw enemies closer to Diana. But a new feature will make it more of a true ultimate ability. If at least one champion gets pulled into Moonfall, they will get crushed by magic damage. This damage increases with the number of targets, incentivizing Diana players to draw in multiple enemies.

Her Moonsilver Blade passive is getting a small change as well. While every third strike will continue dealing bonus damage to nearby enemies, it won’t be restoring mana. She will gain more attack speed, though, with a flat 10% from the start, and with the bonus tripling with each ability she casts.

Diana and Lux receive visual updates

Older League of Legends champions are not only in need of gameplay reworks, but there are many whose visuals don’t fit the modern standard of the game. That’s where Diana belongs too, so her visuals are getting polished up.

To better her gameplay clarity, Lux is also set to receive a visual update in the upcoming 9.24 patch. Lux’s update will most notably make the borders of her ultimate more clearly defined, helping players to understand exactly where damage will be dealt.

Visual fixes for both Lux and Diana will be done for all skins. The patch is scheduled to go live on December 11, and is expected to be the last patch of 2019.