Raid Bosses Palworld

Palworld Raid Bosses are here in update

By Olivia Richman


Apr 4, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Palworld’s first update is now live, bringing Raid Bosses to the survival game.

It was previously announced that Palworld was going to get Raid Bosses in a future update, bringing tougher Pal battles to the ever-expanding open world. Here is everything we know about Raid Bosses in Palworld.

What are Raid Bosses in Palworld?

Raid Bosses are special Pals in Palworld that are incredibly challenging to take down.

The only way to summon a Raid Boss is by using an item called Slabs at Summoning Alters. Once you do this, you’ll need to take this tough Pal down to get some rewards. The challenge will provide you with exciting items like Pal Eggs.

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Can you capture Raid Bosses?

You cannot capture Raid Bosses in Palworld.

Instead of capturing a Raid Boss, you are meant to defeat these tough Pals once summoned. This will give you content and experience.

What’s in Palworld update

On top of Raid Bosses, Palworld’s latest update, version, has brought other game changers. This includes new items, like teleporting with Homeward Thundercloud or giving XP to Pals with the Training Manual.

The most exciting item in this update, however, is the Ring of Mercy. This item ensures that Pals you’re battling won’t go below 1 HP. Another desirable item is the Multiclimate Undershirt, which protects you from extreme temperatures. The Electric Egg Incubator makes sure that your Egg is at the right temperature, ensuring it hatches faster.

Other updates include the possibility of Alpha Pals spawning from Eggs, balance improvements, and more.

Developers also noted that bigger changes are currently in the works. Pocketpair is looking ahead to the summer, which will have a “content packed update” that includes new islands, new Pals, new bosses, and more.