Palworld More Than Just Pals

Palworld dating sim teased by Pocketpair

By Olivia Richman


Mar 31, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Furries rejoice! Pocketpair has just announced a Palworld dating sim for April Fools. It may not be real, but you can still watch the trailer over and over.

Palworld has been one of the biggest games of the year thanks to its survival gameplay, crafting, battling, and familiar Pals that look mysteriously like Pokemon. But some players aren’t just enjoying the gameplay and have instead taken a liking to some of the Pal designs—and the inspired content is now on the internet to haunt us.

Pocketpair has taken fan art, fan fic, and pervy Reddit posts into consideration, creating a video called Palworld: More Than Just Pals.

What is Palworld: More Than Just Pals?

Unfortunately for those who want to romance Pals, More Than Pals is just an April Fool’s joke. Still, the trailer was a hit with fans who felt that developers were really listening to the memes and other trends within the community.

In More Than Pals, players would attend a school and come across “cute Pals” all with their own unique personality traits and behaviors.

Katress comes off cute at first, but the mysterious transfer student is actually a possessive loony underneath the adorable smile. Chillet is a shy boy that comes off as timid until you touch him the right way. Lovander is a sexy teacher who wants to meet you behind the bleachers. Zoe is a tough girl who seems attached to her Grizzbolt but might be persuaded to date you. And then there’s Black Marketer, who will help you out if you go on a date with him.

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The response from the Palworld community has been that of amusement, with many noting that developers “knew what they were doing.” While they may know their audience — with many commenting on the Chillet part — others said they were now going to have nightmares about Black Marketer.

While the Palworld dating sim is clearly an April Fools joke, some are not convinced. One gamer pointed out that Palworld was announced on April 1 — and that game became a reality. So will More Than Just Pals actually be released on April 1, 2025? Right now, we’d assume that it’s a joke. But with enough interest, maybe Pocketpair will consider making this wet dream a reality for some pervy players.


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