Overwatch update nerfs 3 heroes, makes console-exclusive changes

By Olivia Richman


Feb 13, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Overwatch’s most recent patch hit live servers today, bringing some small changes to four heroes. 

Last week, Blizzard released the changes on PTR and it seems they have carried over to live servers with barely any changes. Here’s all the February 12 updates for PC.

Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, and Widowmaker nerfed

The former GOATS meta staple had her Repair Pack ability changed once again. This time, the armor over-heal was reduced from 75 to 50 armor. This was part of the PTR changes. On top of that, the healing per second was decreased from 60 to 55. 

Known as a disruptive tank, Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver ability was nerfed. The stun duration of enemies caught in its AOE was reduced from one second to half a second. This is a game-changer for the hamster, who may not have the same impact he once had. 

Widowmaker had her sniper rifle’s full charge time increased from .75 to .9, almost a full second. This will make getting one-shot kill headshots a bit trickier. 

The sole hero to receive a buff with this update was Symmetra. Her secondary fire, Photon Projector, now does 140 damage when fully charged instead of 120. 

Get more details on these changes here

Overwatch update brings changes to heroes on console

There were a few updates that only affected console players this time around. This included a buff to Ana, whose projectile size for allied targets was increased from 0.3 to 0.4. This isn’t too much of a change, but Ana is notoriously difficult to play on console compared to other support heroes, so any buff helps. 

Symmetra’s turret damage output was also reduced from 34 to 30. This could be because of console players’ reduced movement and slower reaction times than their PC counterparts. Console players are slightly slower to pinpoint a turret’s location and turning to shoot it down. This change is a welcome one for casual players.