Three Overwatch heroes nerfed, one buffed in latest PTR update

Olivia Richman • February 7, 20:14

Several Overwatch heroes saw changes to their kit in the PTR patch released on Thursday. 

Blizzard just released PTR Patch Notes two days ago for version 1.45, which also introduced hero pools and workshop updates. As promised, developers have already revealed more patch notes for the PTR, staying true to their goal of delivering more frequent patches in 2020. 

The most the balance update delivered buffs or nerfs to Wrecking Ball, Widowmaker, Brigitte, and Symmetra. This is in the Overwatch team’s continued efforts to balance the game after backlash over the strength of the so-called “power creep.” 

Wrecking Ball nerfed in Overwatch’s latest update

The February 6 PTR patch saw Hammond’s Piledriver receive a nerf. The slam from his mech will now send stunned players flying in the air for half a second instead of a full second. Before the update, Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver move was extremely destructive, especially in GOATS compositions that were centered around grouping up enemy heroes. This could result in the entire team being stunned, leaving Wrecking Ball’s teammates to easily wipe out the entire enemy team. 

Brigitte nerfed ahead of OWL Season 3

After GOATS dominated the competitive scene, Overwatch developers decided to nerf Brigitte. The support hero was also used as a tank due to her powerful shield ability. Though the shield’s power has been greatly reduced, the development team isn’t done with her just yet.

Brigitte’s Repair Pack armor over-heal was reduced from 75 armor to 50. Her heal ability was previously a huge boon to tank heroes thanks to the extra armor she gave them. This change will most likely make Brigitte even more useless in the current double barrier meta. 

Brigitte nerf Overwatch PTR

Symmetra gets changed again, this time with a buff

Symmetra was the only her to recieve a buff in this update. Her secondary fire, Photon Projector, had its damage increased from 120 to 140. It’s not clear how the damage will ramp up as the attack charges, but Symmetra haters will most likely not be pleased with this change. 

Widowmaker nerfed to combat one-tricks

Widowmaker one-tricks everywhere will be distraught to know that their favorite hero to insta-lock has been nerfed. Her sniper rifle’s full charge time was increased from 0.83 seconds to one full second, making it take a bit longer to get to her OHKO headshot potential. 

Buffs and nerfs introduced in the PTR don’t always make it to the live game, but it will be interesting to see how these changes will affect some of the Overwatch League teams if they go live. Overwatch League Season 3 begins on February 8. 


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