Overwatch player uses Workshop mode to reveal hero hitboxes

By Olivia Richman


Nov 25, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

While the Overwatch Workshop has largely been used to create fun mini-games like UNO, some players are using it to help others improve at the game itself. 

One Overwatch fan recently used Workshop mode to reveal each hero’s hitboxes, information that will improve players’ accuracy. Reddit user spadler097 shared his discoveries on Overwatch’s subreddit, complete with animations for each hero. 

“I wrote a Workshop code to scan a cross-section of a heroes’ hitbox, used an external script to help taking screenshots from multiple angles, and stitch them together to produce the animations as shown,” they explained. 

Overwatch fans were beyond impressed with his efforts, which included taking over 55,000 screenshots to capture each hero at various angles. But their work isn’t even done. spadler097 stated that they would update the album whenever a new hero is added, and will even be updating the existing files to have a “front/back view and cleaner background.” 

“I’ve wanted a hitbox visualizer for so long so I can’t thank you enough for putting in the effort and going through the hassle of putting all this together. Real MVP right here bois,” one person commented. 

Overwatch hero hitboxes revealed

The full album of hitbox visuals can be viewed here. Fans have already poured over the files and discovered several oddities therein. 

Ashe‘s headshot hitbox is incredibly large. While one might chalk this up to her cowboy hat, McCree wears a similar hat but has a narrower hitbox. This is exagerrated to the point where her head hitbox is wider than her torso from some angles. Some Redditors noted that while Ashe’s hitbox is expanded to fit her hat, Hanzo‘s topknot didn’t do much to change the shape or size of his hitbox. 

Zenyatta also suffers from a similar problem, with a hitbox that is almost double the size of his head. A few snipers noted that this explained how they got headshots on him so easily.

Tracer is another squishy hero who has surprisingly large hitboxes, but her troubles surround her legs rather than her head. Though she has thin legs and a wide stance, any shot from the front in the area below her waist is likely to register.

This is the same for pilot D.Va. One Redditor even commented that they would never aim for body ever again, thanks to her “thicc leg hitboxes.” Another speculated that leg hitboxes might be larger in general to account for splash damage accuracy. 

Finally, Mercy fans were disappointed to see that their favorite support’s wings had hitboxes. 

spadler097 noted himself that Sombra‘s and Mei‘s hitboxes seemed to be the best, with hitboxes that outlined their body quite accurately. 

It’s worth checking these out for anyone that is looking for the safest way to deal damage to their most hated heroes.