Overwatch music event and new Sigma skin are coming soon

Olivia Richman • July 13, 19:19

While Blizzard’s focus remains on the upcoming release of Overwatch 2, the developer is continuing to release events and legendary skins for the existing game’s playerbase. 

The most recent event is Sigma’s Maestro Challenge. This challenge coincides with the Overwatch music collection called “Cities and Countries,” which has been released across all regions. Since Sigma is known for his musical abilities, he’s starring in this challenge and getting a new legendary skin to go along with it. 

The Overwatch community has been excited about Sigma’s new skin. Many are calling it his best skin yet. The legendary skin shows Sigma with white hair and a confident smirk. He is also sporting a fancy conductor’s suit, white bowtie, and some intense shoulder pads. This is most likely a look at Sigma before he spiraled into insanity

Sigma new skin

The event also features a brand new mini-game, most likely located in the Arcade collection.

“Tune up your instruments and prepare for a brand new in-game event; Sigma’s Maestro Challenge begins on July 14!” Overwatch’s developers announced in an official blog. 

Blizzard launches new Overwatch music collection

The new collection of Overwatch music, titled “Cities and Countries,” features music inspired by the game’s map and mission themes. The music can be streamed on YouTube or downloaded from any popular streaming service, allowing fans to listen to music inspired by a variety of countries and cultures associated with the game.

Many players are already enjoying the music on YouTube, saying it reminds them of their favorite in-game moments. And even some of the bad ones. For example, “Temple of Anubis” has apparently given some fans flashbacks of getting sniped by a Widowmaker while still standing in spawn. 

Others such as “Ayutthaya” have people wishing that Blizzard would redesign their favorite map so that it can be more widely used in other modes. 


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