Sigma joins Overwatch roster as the game’s 31st hero

Milo Webb • July 22, 2019 8:38 pm

Overwatch has officially revealed the identity of the game’s 31st hero, and he may be the most disturbed member of the roster yet.

Sigma is described as an eccentric astrophysicist obsessed with harnessing the power of gravity. His mind is warped following a tragic accident involving experimentation with a black hole, and he is then imprisoned for reasons currently unknown. Sigma is later discovered and recruited by Overwatch’s in-universe terrorist organization, Talon. But Sigma’s perception has become so scrambled that he doesn’t ever realize he is being used as an instrument for destruction.

A melody can be heard playing on a piano throughout Sigma’s origin story video. Sigma himself questions what it could be and eventually declares that it is the universe “singing” to him. The significance of this is currently unknown. Fans are speculating that the music holds some sort of power over Sigma’s fractured psyche and could possibly have an impact during gameplay.

While Sigma may have been announced today, his identity was leaked prior to this. The Mexican Overwatch World Cup twitter account posted a series of screenshots from the PTR. One of those photos included the name and icon of Sigma. 

When game director Jeff Kaplan was asked about who this unknown hero, he quickly brushed the topic aside.

“Who is Sigma? That’s a good question,” Kaplan said.

Now we all know more about Sigma’s backstory, but little about how he will play. He most likely won’t be placed in the damage role since Kaplan previously confirmed that the upcoming heroes in development are tanks and supports. Chances are Sigma is a tank due to his bulky appearance and the unlikelihood that he would follow up Baptiste as a second consecutive support.

Now fans must wait for additional details on Sigma and when he will be made available for play.


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