Overwatch League celebrates International Women’s Day

By Olivia Richman


Mar 12, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The esports industry took a big interest in International Women’s Day, choosing to highlight all of the female employees that help run various esports organizations and put together live events. The Overwatch League took to Twitter to share its #BalanceForBetter support.

An accompanying video shined a spotlight on the women that make the Overwatch League possible, from work behind the scenes at the Blizzard Arena to the women who help to manage the league’s teams.

“I don’t know if people realize how much women do shape the Overwatch League,” said OWL broadcast producer Ashley Middlebrook.

“To be a part of something this big proves that women are at the top of their field in esports,” said lighting director Vada Briceno.

Washington Justice general manager Kate Mitchell noted that the Overwatch League wouldn’t be able to run without all of the amy women involved. For that reason, she declared that the Overwatch League is “brought to you by women.”

The Overwatch League’s International Women’s Day celebration carried on during a special Watchpoint Preshow, where special guest Anjali Bhimani, who provides the voice of hero Symmetra, spoke about how Overwatch has impacted her life.

“None of us are defined by any one characteristic. We’re all a combination of what makes us, us,” Bhimani said.

Preshow host Mica Burton wrapped up the interview by urging women to never give up on their dreams of working in the esports industry, even though it can often look like a man’s world from the outside.

While women may have many prominent roles in the Overwatch League, when it comes to professional players, there is only one woman in the league: Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon. The Shanghai Dragons pro is currently alone in the OWL. And while more women are increasingly watching esports, only 30 percent of esports viewers are female.

According to the OWL’s official announcement, the league has more female viewers than any other esport in history. This may be why the Overwatch League has continued to move in the the positive direction of empowering and inspiring women in and around esports. 

“I’m inspiring other female gamers who want to be a part of this industry, and that’s really a beautiful thing,” Middlebrook said.