Overwatch League All-Star event voting is now open for fans

Olivia Richman • March 27, 20:48

Overwatch League fans can now vote their favorite players into the All-Star event.

This year’s All-Star event will take place on May 15 at the Blizzard Arena between Stages 2 and 3. Similar to League of Legend’s All-Star event, OWL’s will feature custom games throughout the weekend while the 12 top players from the Atlantic and Pacific divisions will compete. On May 16 there will be a first-to-four main event match in a traditional competitive.

Voting is now open and requires fans to log in with their Blizzard.net accounts. From there, OWL viewers can pick six players to represent each division, with a maximum of two players from each role. Voting is open until April 28.

New York Excelsior’s support main Seonghyun “JJONAK” Bang is currently the most popular vote for the Atlantic Division. The fan favorite spent over six hours of the 2019 season playing Zenyatta, about 97 percent of his total playtime.

Overwatch League All-Star event voting is open 2

Washington Reign’s Yeonjun “ArK” Hong is in second place, followed by Atlanta Reign’s Danil “dafran” Francesca. Jaehyeok “carpe” Lee, Philadelphia Fusion’s Widowmaker workhorse, is in fourth. Boston Uprising’s Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth sits in fifth, while the sixth position currently belongs to Philadelphia’s Gael “Poko” Gouzerch.

The Pacific Division is led by Hu “Jinmu” Yi of the Chengdu Hunters. It’s no surprise that Brigitte has over half of his Season 2 play time, but Hanzo is his third most used hero with over 43 minutes of play time.

Interestingly, two other spots on Pacific Division also currently belong to Chengdu Hunter players, Menghan “Ameng” Ding and Xianyo “Yveltal” Li. Seoul Dynasty is also on the board, represented by Byungsun “Fleta” Kim and Jehong “ryujehong” Ryu. Third place is currently occupied by Qiulin “Guxue” Xu of the Hangzhou Spark.

Overwatch League All-Star event voting is open 1

Twelve reserve players per division will also be chosen by player, coach, broadcast talents, and OWL staff members. They will have the chance to participate throughout the event.

Players must have competed on at least 10 maps to participate in the All-Star event. The players who competed in the 2018 All-Star event will be automatically eligible to attend this year’s event.
Tickets are available here.


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