Latest Overwatch patch looks to improves custom games settings

Olivia Richman • September 8, 15:47

A new Overwatch patch is set to shake up custom games.

Overwatch fans have made up for the lack of new content during the production of Overwatch 2 by creating their own game modes in the Overwatch Workshop. There’s one that lets fans play Pictionary by drawing with their weapons. Duel Arena is a one-on-one mode that helps players warm up before competitive matches. Winston Sumo is exactly what players think it is. The list goes on.

Custom games have now received an array of improvements thanks to the latest patch. Players will now be able to mark custom games they’d like to revisit as “favorites.” They can also see popular custom game modes that are being played by a lot of people in the community. Both options will be available under the Custom Games tab.

Here are the new tabs under the Custom Games tab:

  • Popular
  • Favorites
  • Recent
  • All Games

New Custom Game settings in Overwatch

According to developers, it was difficult for players to keep track of the “ever-growing collection of player-created game modes.” Adding the above tabs gives player-created modes a “chance to shine.” The Popular tab shows trending games and most-played modes. Favorites are chosen by selecting the star icon next to any mode. Recent will show modes recently played by the player.

Players can also search for lobbies by a share code now. A setting above “Description” in Custom Game Settings will also have a Mode Name setting now. This gives players two ways to discover games and add them to their lists.

“Since these new features are being used by the public for the first time, we may need to make adjustments to how the Popular tab chooses its modes. If you notice that the Popular tab isn’t showing the modes that you might expect, please be patient with us as we tune the feature to present the best collection of modes that we can,” developers explained.


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