Overwatch bug terrifies players as Ana screams constantly

Olivia Richman • March 15, 2021 9:53 pm

An Overwatch player uncovered a creepy glitch that causes Ana to scream in agony throughout the match. 

A Reddit user shared a clip of them playing Ana during a custom scrim. While healing the rest of their team from afar, Ana could suddenly be heard screaming out in pain. The scream happened again every few seconds, regardless of what the Ana was doing. According to the user, this continued throughout the game until the very end.

There is currently no explanation as to why this glitch happened. Some players identified the scream as the sound Ana makes when she’s caught in Reinhardt’s charge, but it’s unclear what triggered her to repeatedly scream as if being violently shoved into a wall when nothing is happening. 

Ana glitch Overwatch

Who is Ana in Overwatch?

Ana is a 60-year-old sniper in the Egyptian Army. She became one of the founding members of Overwatch after the Omnic Crisis heavily impacted Egypt. At the time, Ana was considered one of the world’s best snipers so it made sense for the calculating marksman to join the Overwatch strike team and help end the war. 

Ana served as Strike Commander Morrison’s second-in-command for years following Overwatch’s original mission, but she never gave up combat operations.  

For a time, it was believed that Ana was taken hostage and killed by Talon operative Widowmaker. While Ana survived the encounter, her own husband wasn’t aware she was still alive. She continued to fight to keep her family and allies safe, unable to sit on the sidelines as Egypt crumbled.  

Ana is a very stoic and level-headed character who remains calm even when situations seem dire, which made the screaming bug sort of comical instead of creepy. There is no way Ana would scream out in terror like that, especially unprovoked. In response, Overwatch fans created made-up patches to explain the strange phenomenon. This includes: 

  • Ana will begin to scream when allies start feeding
  • Ana has been diagnosed with PTSD and will scream whenever she remembers her past
  • Ana will now honor the Sun God Ra with authentic ancient Egyptian ritual song to try and get Rein to take one step back into view
  • Her daughter starts carpet bombing a rezzing Mercy, and Reinhardt stands there swinging at ghosts instead of trying to block it
  • Ana is playing in Bronze or Silver

While Ana’s weird new glitch definitely had a lot of Overwatch players cracking up, Blizzard has yet to address the real reason behind this strange bug. So far it’s unclear why Ana starts to scream or if there is any way to stop her from crying out in agony. 


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