Lifeweaver trolling

Overwatch 2 trolls want to mess with Lifeweaver already

By Olivia Richman


Apr 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Many Overwatch 2 players are predicting that Lifeweaver will shake up the game when the pansexual support hero arrives in Season 4. But it may not be in the way that developers intended, leading to some safeguards the team had to put in place.

Lifeweaver has a very unique toolkit that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in Overwatch 2. He uses advanced nature-inspired technology to create platforms and gravity-defying orbs that can help maneuver teammates and create expert positioning. Check out his full abilities here.

But not all support players are as wholesome as Blizzard wants to believe. Many Overwatch 2 fans started to worry if people would use Lifeweaver’s abilities for nefarious activities, like using his gravitational orb to troll his own teammates by yeeting them off the edge of the map.

In an interview with Dexerto, developers opened up about some ways they have planned around this behavior.

Lifeweaver trolling

Overwatch 2 devs fight off Lifeweaver trolls

The first thing trolls considered was purposefully getting eliminated so the enemy team could take advantage of Lifeweaver’s passive, which drops a health item when he perishes.

But developer Kenny Hudson confirmed that the health pack would heal teammates the equivalent of a Large Health Pack but will only heal a Mini Health Pack amount if enemies pick it up. This would make it a lot less impactful if a feeding Lifeweaver kept dying on enemy lines.

Then trolls considered using Life Grip to force teammates off the edge of the map. But Hudson stated that there are some controls in place that will allegedly detect when someone is trying to do something “really bad,” like “dragging someone to their death.”

Lifeweaver's ability

It’s currently unclear exactly what these controls are, but this has given wholesome players some relief.

Lifeweaver is set to arrive on April 11 when Season 4 drops. Only then will players fully understand exactly how Lifeweaver’s kit works and figure out exactly how the interesting support fits into the current meta. That’s when new strategies will be formed — and when trolls will start testing the limits.