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Overwatch 2 to erase ranked history, here’s why players are mad

By Olivia Richman


Oct 6, 2022

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Competitive Overwatch 2 players are worried about their ranked history being removed after a surprise announcement from Blizzard.

Overwatch 2 launched with an entirely revamped ranked mode, with SR being replaced by Skill Tier Divisions. Blizzard was hoping players wouldn’t feel as stressed about seeing their SR going up and down after each match. The goal was to make players less stressed about their longterm performance and more focused on their current matches. While it may have good intentions, many Overwatch 2 players have expressed anger over the removal of ranked history.

“Looking at the past seven or 20 games as a collective helps you better understand how you’re performing in Competitive rather than putting a ton of pressure on each individual game. We want you to feel like you’re improving and being rewarded for advancing from the first day you start playing Competitive in Overwatch 2,” the blog explained.

Is ranked history being erased from Overwatch 2?

Twitch streamer EeveeA was one of the first prominent Overwatch 2 players to bring the issue to everyone’s attention. According to the Mercy main, their past history (including achievements) will be removed from the game. EeveeA added that only the “last six competitive seasons of data” are being kept.

The VTuber explained that data from Season 1 to Season 30 of Overwatch 1 are now gone. By Season 7 of Overwatch 2, all of the data from the first Overwatch will be erased.

At first this sounded like just a rumor or speculation. But EeveeA told one Overwatch fan that it’s been confirmed by Blizzard. Apparently, EeveeA was under an NDA and couldn’t say this until now.

“They refused to let me warn people to record their OW1 data before OW2 launch, and before I started expressing the issues with it, they said no problems with this data being gone,” EeveeA admitted.

EeveeA said that SR may come back but stats will likely never return. This has left many Overwatch fans frustrated and angry. Some even wondered what the point of it all was, clearly exasperated at all their past grinding being erased forever.

Blizzard has yet to comment on the situation and it’s not clear if this is something that can even be reversed or changed. For now, players should record their data in case it’s gone forever in the future.


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