Overwatch 2 tank Ramattra’s abilities looks deadly in official gameplay

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 28, 2022

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Ramattra has officially been revealed as the next tank in Overwatch 2, along with a toolkit that lets him transition into a giant. 

Overwatch 2 Season 2 is on the verge of release, and players are anxious to try out the new hero. Blizzard had already lifted the curtain on the leader of the Null Sector, Ramattra, at the Overwatch League grand finals. Now, the official gameplay trailer has unveiled more about his toolkit and Bastion-like transformation powers. 

The trailer puts Ramattra in a new location, aggressing enemies with his shield that appears to change direction with his movement. He’s painted as a clan’s leader, as depicted in the 2019 Storm Rising event, leading the charge to fight for the omnics. 

Ramattra will join Overwatch 2’s tank lineup in Season 2, set to release on December 2. 

Ramattra abilities in Overwatch 2 

Overwatch 2’s upcoming tank is a hybrid, perfect for players who like some variation in the game. Ramattra can take the form of a giant to overtake enemies and shed his armor to be more agile and passive. The tank juggles between his Omnic and Nemesis state to pull it off. 

Here is the full toolkit of Ramattra.


Void Accelerator

  • Fire a stream of projectiles in a fixed pattern
  • Create a barrier at the targeted location

Pummel (Nemesis Form)

  • Punch forward, creating a wave of energy with every swing
  • Significantly reduces damage taken from the front and reduces movement speed

Annihilation (Ultimate)

  • Create a spreading swarm of nanobots that creep out in front of you, dealing damage and reducing enemy damage dealt by 50%

Nemesis Form

  • Transforming into Nemesis Form, changing your attacks, and gaining bonus armor

Ravenous Vortex

  • Fire a nano ball, which explodes when it hits the ground, spreading a damaging field. Affected enemies are also slowed and pulled downward

Ramattra’s toolkit sounds promising as this hybrid offers armor and protection while dealing heavy damage against enemies. His Nemesis form may put him in danger’s way due to a large hitbox, but it’s perfect for close-range brawls. Additionally, Ramattra has the potential to be a nutty assault tank, thanks to his destructive ultimate and Ravenous Vortex. 


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