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Overwatch 2 players frustrated with battle pass Mythic skins

By Olivia Richman


Sep 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch 2 players are demanding changes to the battle pass, and the new Mythic skins are the catalyst for it all.

Overwatch 2 is going to be free-to-play when it’s launched in October, bringing with it a new season system complete with battle passes. The community has been mulling over the most recent information about the Season One battle pass, with many fans coming forward with frustrations and suggestions.

The latest complaint is over the battle pass’ handling of Mythic skins. Mythic skins are new to Overwatch 2, introducing an even higher skin rarity above Legendary. One player noted that developers aren’t handling Mythic skins correctly and making them too difficult to obtain.

Overwatch 2 players offer suggestions to Blizzard

On Reddit, the Overwatch player brought up Blizzard’s battle pass cosmetics only being available during that current season. After the season is over, the Mythic skin will no longer be available to purchase or grind for, which has some fans frustrated.

Other games like Fortnite do something similar, which is how skins in Fortnite become rare or desirable. It makes players grind harder to get the exclusive skins, knowing they won’t be available to unlock or purchase ever again. But Overwatch fans want the game to be more like Halo Infinite.

Many Overwatch 2 players think the game’s battle pass-locked Mythic skins should work like Halo Infinite. Despite the game’s poor reception, many players appreciate that they can work on previous battle passes even after seasons end. This would allow players to retroactively obtain skins even if it’s the next season as long as they complete the required goals and reach the right levels.

Others suggested that Overwatch could take inspiration from Dead by Daylight. The game would release skins from the Rift about six months to a year after that Rift closed. This would give players a chance to get Mythic skins later on if they missed out when the battle pass was active. Players agreed that this could definitely work but that they preferred purchasing the entire battle pass rather than individual skins from the store.