Sombra Quick Play Hack

Overwatch 2 patch brings back classic LTM

By Olivia Richman


Mar 18, 2024

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Overwatch 2 is often criticized for lacking some of the features that made the original game so special. The March 18 Overwatch 2 patch has brought back some of that nostalgia. But no, it’s not six-player teams.

Quick Play: Hacked has returned to Overwatch 2. When this happens, Sombra “hacks” Quick Play, introducing a new game mode for a limited time. This time, Sombra’s hack has seen the return of Double Trouble.

What is Double Trouble in OW2?

Double Trouble is a new game mode that will shake up the Quick Play meta. In Double Trouble, players will be able to have up to two of the same heroes in the damage and support roles.

However, tank heroes are still capped at one player. This means you can’t have a two-tank team, which has disappointed some players. According to the full patch notes, this will “prevent overwhelming the match with multiple tanks breaking through front lines.”

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Here are the full patch notes for Double Trouble:

Sombra has hacked Quick Play again with a new experiment that will make you see double! In Double Trouble, games in Role Queue will allow players to select two of the same heroes in the Damage and Support roles. However, Tanks are still capped to one player in that role to prevent overwhelming the match with multiple tanks breaking through the front lines. In Open Queue, teams can only pick up to two of the same heroes at any given time.

  • Double Trouble will take over the Quick Play ruleset for only 24 hours and will be available until 11:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, March 19
  • Team can have up to two of the same hero at any time
  • In Role Queue, there is still only one player playing the Tank role
  • All other rules for both Quick Play and Role Queue remain the same

When is the next Overwatch 2 season?

Take advantage of Double Trouble while you can. There may not be a lot of new content for a while. Overwatch 2 Season 10 has been delayed until April 16, 2024. Players will have to wait one more week until they can try out the next DPS hero.


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