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Blizzard reveals exciting road-map after cancelling Overwatch 2 PvE mode

By Olivia Richman


May 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

You probably already predicted this months ago, but Overwatch 2 is no longer getting the long-awaited PvE mode players were promised.

When Overwatch 2 was first announced, the playerbase was confused why an entirely new game was needed. Why not update the existing one? But developers explained that too much was being added and changed to justify a game update, including PvE mode.

A presentation at BlizzCon 2019 showed off a very ambitious PvE mode, which included hero-specific missions and stories that dive deeper into the game’s rich lore as well as interesting skill trees with modified and customized abilities.

With so much being created, the teams pulled back from updating Overwatch 1. Fans noticed that they were getting a lot of the same events and simple updates but speculated that it was due to developers focusing on PvE mode. That theory is now out the window.

While the original PvE concept is no more, you can still expect some big things in the next few seasons.

New Overwatch 2 roadmap

Season 5 will have a limited-time event called Questwatch. The fantasy-inspired event will be followed by something called Mischief & Magic. Season 6 will add Story Missions, most likely inspired by the PvE concept that will never happen. You’ll also get a new support hero.

Graphic sharing the rest of the Overwatch 2 2023 roadmap

Season 7 and beyond is bringing even more content. Expect a new tank, a collaboration event, and multiplayer Hero Mastery Missions. To soften the blow of getting rid of PvE, Blizzard is also planning to bring back “fan-favorite modes” and competitive Mystery Heroes.

This hasn’t been enough to stop Overwatch 2 players from complaining all over social media. A lot of players predicted that Blizzard would never provide the PvE mode it promised, causing a lot of fans to lose their last bit of hope in the publisher.

Why is Overwatch 2 no longer getting PvE mode?

Executive producer Jared Neuss broke the upsetting news to Overwatch 2 players earlier on May 16. He explained that “it’s clear we can’t deliver on the original vision” of the PvE that was shared in 2019.

So why’s that?

In an interview with GameSpot, Neuss explained that it would have pulled developers off the live game to focus on hero missions instead. He continued: “It just didn’t look like there was a definitive end date in sight where we would finally be able to put that stamp on [it], or that end date was years away and it no longer felt like we could be doing that to our players, or we could be doing that to the live game that we were running.”

With this in mind, developers decided to “put everything” into the live game.