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Overwatch 2 dev caught throwing games on stream

By Olivia Richman


Aug 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

An Overwatch 2 developer was accused of throwing matches during a livestream, continuing to add to the growing rift between developers and gamers.

Overwatch 2 has been a major source of controversy in the gaming community for a number of things, including the cancelation of the original PvE content vision that was promised before the game launched. It has become one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam as players continue to bash Blizzard’s once-beloved shooter.

Now, a developer is under fire for throwing matches during a livestream.

Blizzard employee accused of throwing OW2 games

Twitch Partner CODCode904 recently shared a clip on social media showing Kaedigames, a community specialist at Blizzard, purposefully going AFK during a winnable game. The player even wrote in chat: “My team didn’t deserve to win.”

The Blizzard employee basically stood in spawn and emoted instead of defending the point with his friends.

According to CODCode904, the Blizzard employee, who also goes by Blizz_Craig, has “hate-watched” them in the past and is now grieving on stream. Added CODCode904: “Setting a great example for a Blizzard community specialist.”

“Please, I beg… Provide job training for employees,” CODCode904 said. “This is beyond unprofessional. If this is what they do while streaming, imagine when they aren’t streaming. I’m beyond disappointed. I hope there is a redemption arc.”

It should be noted that CODCode904 and Blizz_Craig have a history of beefing. CODCode904 has shared other clips in the past that show the Blizzard employees tilting during games, even “allowing themselves to be killed.”


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