Overwatch 2 community frustrated with recent Doomfist nerfs

By Olivia Richman


Dec 20, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Doomfist saw some major buffs in Season 2 that turned him into a must-pick, but some recent nerfs have made him possibly irrelevant once again, angering some Overwatch 2 players.

The DPS-turned-tank became quite oppressive for a short amount of time. While the Overwatch community wanted a bit more balance, it seems that developers have taken it a bit too far for the majority of the player base’s liking.

Going into Season 2, Doomfist was destroying backlines and picking off less mobile support heroes like Ana and Zenyatta. This was changing the entire meta. But when developers stepped in, they may have gone too far thanks to long cooldowns and an increase in required damage to activate his Rocket Punch.

One Doomfist main took to Reddit to ask Blizzard to “send help” after the nerfs. A day later, the post had over 3,000 upvotes, indicating that the Overwatch 2 community is largely in agreement.

Is Doomfist still a good tank in Overwatch 2?

Just as quickly as Doomfist was deemed the best tank in Overwatch 2, he’s now fallen to the lower tiers. One passionate player even said he’s worse than he was back in Season 1 despite Doomfist keeping many of the buffs to his passive and ultimate.

While the severity of Doomfist’s nerfs has been debated, the Overwatch 2 community was largely in agreement that the changes were too extreme. One player said that every buff and nerf is too “massive” while another even questioned if developers played the game themselves. Many players felt that developers were nerfing the wrong things, similar to a planned change to Roadhog that’s rumored to come in January 2023.

Similar to Doomfist, Roadhog has been quite oppressive thanks to his healing ability on top of pocket supports. Players are already predicting that developers won’t address how tanky he is and will instead take away his ability to one-shot.

While the changes to Doomfist were not popular, some Overwatch players pointed out that Doomfist is a niche hero anyway. He’s a hero that is either someone’s main or never played at all thanks to his very unique moveset and playstyle. Because of this, he can often be outplayed on certain maps and in certain situations, which means no buff or nerf could try make Doomfist fit into the roster.

With so many heroes with vastly different abilities, it’s been a challenge to balance Overwatch since the original.


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