Overwatch 2 collab gives Doomfist a One Punch Man costume

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Overwatch 2 has announced a new set of skins in Season 3 with One Punch Man Doomfist as the headliner.

On February 6, 2023, Activision-Blizzard announced a new content plan for its class-based arena shooter Overwatch 2. The biggest news is the launch of Season 3, which promises to deliver better gameplay and communication. However, anime fans are probably more excited to see Overwatch collaborate with a beloved action-comedy series.

One Punch Man will make an appearance in Overwatch 2 with a brand new skin for Doomfist.

Saitama’s signature yellow suit and red cape are being added to the game on the most fitting hero imaginable. The crossover skin is relatively straightforward, which is in line with the simple designs of One Punch Man’s main protagonist. The preview footage shows Doomfist striking a dramatic pose before launching a destructive single punch.

One Punch Man Doomfist

The Overwatch 2 and One Punch Man collaboration will go live on March 7, 2023. Details for how to earn the One Punch Man Doomfist are still scarce, but it will likely involve an event where damage is turned all the way up. Players will have from March 7 to April 6, giving anime fans plenty of time to pick up the new fit.

Season 3 skins include One Punch Man Doomfist, Pachimari Roadhog

In addition to One Punch Man Doomfist, Overwatch 2 Season 3 will also include several other special skins, including a reissue of the beloved Pachimari Roadhog.

Pachimari is Overwatch 2’s least demanding mascot. The onion-themed plushie can be found all over the game, its design was inspired by comfort characters like Hello Kitty. Roadhog has always been particularly fond of the veggie, with a Pachimari-themed costume already available in Overwatch 1.

Pachimari Roadhog Overwatch 2

The Season 3 reveal also showed the ultimate prize for the Valentine’s Day event, with a Cupid-themed Hanzo skin soon arriving in Overwatch 2. The event will feature a dating sim with Genji and Mercy. Hanzo, wearing a cherubic set of armor, will help things go smoothly. The skin itself will likely be a reward for completing the event, but players will know for sure when Overwatch 2’s Valentine’s Day event begins on February 13.

Valentine's Day Cupid Hanzo

Lastly, Blizzard tried to sneak an amazing new skin past fans in the Season 3 announcement trailer. During a flash of a few skins, an invisible skin for Cole Cassidy appeared, with his body entirely invisible. Of course, he’s still wearing a full Western getup, so gameplay will work as normal. No details were given, but it’s definitely one of the coolest new skins being added in Overwatch 2 Season 3.

Invisible Cole Cassidy Overwatch 2 skin