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Poor clipping on Overpass limits movement in CS2

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

CS2 Overpass looks picture-perfect from the surface, but it’s littered with clipping issues that are highly notable for skilled players. 

The latest overhauled map in Counter-Strike 2 has impressed everyone with its uber-realistic waters and visuals. The Source 2 sheen looks fine on Overpass, but the map’s still lacking. Valve may have covered the imperfections with a shiny new luster, but the skeleton of the brand-new map is still flawed. 

Eagle-eyed players have noticed major clipping issues across the map that may cause problems at a higher level of play. But, besides being a tactical menace, the clipping across the map is just plain annoying. 

CS2 Overpass clipping issues are annoying

If you’re a movement enthusiast in CS and sometimes like to do parkour from one bench to the next dust bin, you’d hate Overpass. The map suffers from inconsistent clipping. Meaning if you can boost on one dustbin, you should be able to do the same on the next one. But that’s not the case. 

Some ledges are far from the player model’s reach, while others push you back when you try to jump on them. One may think it’s intentional, but even previous boost spots are a no-go. Besides that, the higher surfaces are backed with low ledges, placed in a way intended for boosts. However, they serve no purpose other than being showcase items. 

Overpass CS2 clipping

There’s not one, two, or three, but multiple bugged spots across Overpass that limit movement. From the bench placed outside the playground to the fountain, easily reachable angles are out of reach in CS2, making Overpass a menace. Not just that, but these spots are also blocking crucial corners that are instrumental in executing smoke lineups.

Fortunately, notable streamers have noticed and sent their complaints to Valve, which has been delivering quick fixes. It remains to be seen how soon Overpass gets a patch because the inconsistent clipping is overshadowing the positive changes on the updated locale. 


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