Overpass A execute: Basic strategies, smokes, and pop flashes

By Nick Johnson


Aug 1, 2020

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Overpass has slowly become one of the most favored maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Many professional teams, from Cloud9 to Team Liquid, have called the map home. But the problem for casual players is that its unconventianl bombsites and winding staircases that connect them can cause serious problems.

In most casual matches, much of the action takes place on the sites themselves, with attackers often taking early positions inside bathrooms at A while the B site defenders tend to hold from within the site itself.

B is commonly a problem for matchmaking teams. The entrances are narrow and easily walled off with fire, and a well-placed spray can end an attack before it even starts.

Heaven is another problem at the B site. Even though the smoke for heaven is fairly simple, it requires control of both short and connector in order to throw. That’s why it’s often easier for attackers to focus on the A site. With two players focused on taking connector while three take party and long control, the attackers can set themselves up for what might be the most simple smoke execute in CSGO today.

The smokes cover bank and stairs, and there’s another smoke that the attackers can throw to block off truck and isolate any CT holding there from moving either forward or backward. These smokes do leave room for defenders to sit in the site, but a quick molotov thrown on the run and a proper popflash allows the Ts to pinch from both bathrooms and long without much trouble.

Smoking bank, truck, and stairs in CSGO’s Overpass

The hard part about this strategy is actually gaining bathrooms control. As long as two players take connector control, Ts can slowly move forward until they have enough map control to reach the first bathrooms divider safely. This requires a little bit of coordination between the players taking party and those pushing long, but a few rounds of attempts should clear up these timings. Once the attackers have a forward position and can reach the first divider, that team can throw two smokes that deny any CTs holding from bank or stairs any room to defend.

For the bank smoke, players should hop on top of the bench and line themselves up with the center bar of the bench. After that, line up the crosshair with the head of the woman on the bathroom sign and left-click. This smoke lands deep on stairs and denies vision from any CT holding that position.

Blog post image

Blog post image

Make sure to aim at the female figure on the sign. This smoke will land deep into stairs and doesn’t have any gaps, meaning that pesky CT sitting dumpster can’t bother the actual execute unless they push through aggressively.

The truck smoke, meant to limit the CT to peaking from the site-side of the truck cab, is thrown from the same bench. Instead of standing on the bench, the player wedges close to it and the wall, aims at the male figure’s head on the bathroom sign, and throws a simple left-click smoke.

Blog post image

Blog post image

These two smokes don’t wall off the site entirely, but they’re not supposed to. With the confusion of having all three smokes down while attackers are also moving up long, these smokes will force the CTs to fight. Since the smokes have limited the areas where the defenders can peak from, T AWPers and proficient riflers can preaim the open angles beside truck and site boxes. By forcing the CTs to either fight or to fall back off of the site, the T side gains ground and can spend more time moving to post-plant positions.

The smoke for bank can be trickier, but only because it requires a jump throw. Players should line up just next to the entrance to connector, aim to the left of the lamp, and jump throw the smoke.

Blog post image

CSGO’s great popflash on Overpass’ A site

But before anyone peaks, there’s one killer flash that an attacker can throw from long that should flash off any aggressive defenders watching the bathroom entrance or lane. This flash is even easier than the A smokes. All defenders have to do is hug the left wall of long, line up next to the lamp post as seen below, and left-click a flash.

Blog post image

The flash will devastate anyone watching lane or the bathroom entrance. Once this flash pops, that’s the attackers’ queue to move forward with their angles preaimed, check the close corners on the truck side and long side, and tossing a few molotovs behind truck and through the stairs smoke to waste even more time while the bomb goes down.

Blog post image

Once thrown, the attackers should spread and clear the available angles before falling back to bathrooms for the post-plant defense.

Blog post image

The A site is a much easier site to take on Overpass, especially if the attackers can get an early pick at long or bathrooms. In matchmaking, teams often lack the coordination to molotov barrels and smoke heaven on B, so these easy A smokes should help casual players grind out a few more rounds on one of CSGO’s most challenging maps.


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