Origen coach suspended from LEC for “unacceptable behavior”

Olivia Richman • June 5, 20:43

Origen has dropped League of Legends strategic coach Jack “Kayys” Kayser following a suspension from the LEC. 

Riot Games announced that they concluded their investigation into Kayys, which resulted in a temporary suspension. He can’t return to the LEC until June 25 due to “unacceptable behavior” he exhibted while playing League of Legends on his own time. 

“Kayser’s usage of discriminatory language towards other players in the game is unacceptable and has no place in our competitive ecosystem,” Riot stated.

The developer also explained that he violated LEC’s code of conduct rules. 

While Riot usually offers a warning before levying a suspension, they felt that it was necessary in this case to take “immediate actions” since this type of behavior has been a consistent problem for the League of Legends coach. 

Following the suspension from the LEC, Origen put out a statement that Kayys was also being dropped from the organization. 

Kayys ongoing drama within the esports community

While Origen had no further comments on the “personnel matter,” the League of Legends community indicated in their replies that Origen was most likely waiting for a “good reason” to let go Kayys for his continuously toxic behavior. One instance even included him accusing G2 of “unintentional matchfixing.” 

His accusations have led to a lot of drama on the LEC side of Twitter. In a since-deleted tweet, Kayys decided to turn the arguement political when too many MAD Lions and G2 fans got involved. Another questionable moment came when Kayys accused Vietnam of discriminating him for being from Texas, “a conservative state,” when he wasn’t able to attend MSI. 

Kayys explains his suspension from LEC

After Origen announced Kayys’ departure from the organization, the former coach decided to post his own explanation of the situation. 

“My termination is an unfortunate situation. I made some mistakes I regret and I accept the repercussions for them,” Kayys stated.

He then clarified that he never used “racial discriminatory language,” which he claims isn’t part of his character. 

After the suspension, Kayys also announced that he will be returning to the United States to take time off. It’s unlikely he’ll be returning to the LEC with a new coaching position by the end of the month, but so far he hasn’t revealed what his plans are once his break, and his suspension, are over. 

The LEC Summer Split begins June 12. 


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