ORDER vs AVANT at DreamHack Masters Spring betting analysis

By Nick Johnson


Jun 2, 2020

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While neither ORDER nor AVANT immediately come to mind when some international fans think about the Oceanic region, this DreamHack Masters Spring upper bracket showdown should be a fiery one.

Fans may immediately want to hand this game to ORDER, especially considering the greater name recognition of the team’s players. With players like Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland and Karlo “USTILO” Pivacs, ORDER immediately has an advantage in this matchup. Rickeh has been on fire recently, going 26-11 in the team’s most recent matchup against Overt. While his numbers weren’t quite as impressive in the two previous games, Rickeh almost always puts up a respectable score.

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Alongside ORDER’s veterans are solid performers in Jireh “J1rah” Youakim and Matthew “Valiance” Hartrick. These two often trade off for the team’s top spot, with one or the other almost always posting solid scores. If there are enough frags to go around, these two should be the x-factor that pushes ORDER over the finish line.

AVANT’s roster could have something to say about that, however. The skill gap may not be as wide as it first seems. 

AVANT and ORDER have an equal chance at DreamHack Masters Spring

AVANT has a solid core anchored by Mike “ap0c” Aliferis and Euan “sterling” Moore. While ORDER may have marginally more international recognition than AVANT, these teams are neck and neck regionally. Order has won four out of the past five matchups between the two, but AVANT actually leads ORDER in head-to-head matches going back to March. This is a classic case of a regional matchup that ends up being more difficult on the teams than international play against equitable teams, as these two sides know each other almost too well. With the teams being so close in record, there may be better opportunities for bettors than simply picking a winner.

ORDER’s Best Maps

  • Mirage: 9-1, 90%
  • Vertigo: 8-1, 88.9%
  • Nuke: 8-2, 80%

ORDER’s recent success against AVANT has them heading into the match with momentum on their side. Teams outside the top 20 rely on recent form more than the consistent top-tier rosters. Ultimately, the winner here could come down to the vetoes.

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Both teams are equally proficient on Train and Mirage, so those could be go-to picks for this matchup. If either map comes out, bettors should focus on more niche markets than just the winner. There’s been a bevy of different maps played between both sides over the past six months, including Nuke, Inferno, and Dust 2.  It’s hard to predict what fans will see there.

AVANT’s Best Maps

  • Overpass: 1-0, 100%
  • Train: 8-1, 88.9%
  • Inferno: 9-3, 75%

Since the matchup is a best-of-three, bettors should focus on how close the team’s recent games have been. In best-of-one matches, one of these teams normally takes an early lead and doesn’t give it up, leading to a low total round score. Interestingly, BO3s between the two almost always go the distance. Because of this, taking the match to go all three maps is a solid wager, with WINNERs.bet showing odds of 1.87 for an over of 2.5. This is a solid take, especially considering previous outcomes. Despite games between the two consistently being close affairs, they’ve gone to overtime only four times in more than 30 games. That statistic makes taking the 1.20 odds that the match will finish under 29.5 a safe bet.

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