One-handed streamer goes viral with her insane CSGO plays

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 20, 2020

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Twitch streamer Kika “xirilikika” Martins has surprised Counter Strike: Global Offensive players around the world with her incredible skills in the game. The 22-year-old streamer went viral after showing off some wild Deagle shots, all made while using only one hand.

CSGO is a tricky game, which requires sharp hand-eye coordination, dexterous movement, and a lot of focus. While a small distraction can cost you a whole match, Kika can do it all with only one hand. But it hasn’t always been easy for her.

“A 22-year-old female girl disabled on the left side, who spends her life overcoming the obstacles she faces, one of them, playing CS, every day.” Kika’s Twitch bio states.

Kika impresses CSGO community with her great play

Kika had a stroke as a child which left her with 60% of her body disbaled, preventing her from using her left hand. Since then, she has learned to do everything with her right hand, including playing games such as CSGO. Kika says that she’s “independent and autonomous” and that her disability didn’t stop her from sharing her talent with the world.

A short clip in which Kika landed a Deagle jump shot followed by a smooth MP9 spray has gone viral on the internet. Both the kills took place within 5 seconds, which shows that she’s exceptionally agile with her movement. The streamer used her keyboard to jump at a precise angle and quickly switched to the mouse to get a great kill against her enemy, ultimately winning the round.

Kika’s play style isn’t as simple as it may seem. The streamer uses the fingers of her right hand to use WASD keys, and the same forearm to move her mouse. She has to be extremely quick to grab her mouse whenever she spots an enemy, as shown in the clip. Many people recommended her to get a mouse with multiple buttons to help her play with one hand, but Kika said that she has other priorities at the moment.

The streamer is still new to the game and promises to make up for her lack of skill through “entertainment.” It’s safe to say that Kika’s streams are both entertaining and inspiring for CSGO players. The 22-year-old is also remarkably consistent with her schedule as she streams daily in the morning. After her clip went viral, Kika’s following has increased rather quickly.

She is not the first streamer who has proved that a passion for gaming knows no boundries. OnehandFps is another streamer who continued to follow his passion despite an accident that took away his ability to use his left hand.


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