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Obsidian Flames set introduces Tera Type Charizard card

By Olivia Richman


May 25, 2023

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The Pokemon TCG has announced a new Scarlet & Violet set, Obsidian Flames. This set features a new and highly desirable Charizard card and the introduction of Tera Types.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a featured called Tera Types, which is a transformation that makes a Pokemon appear gem-like and get a changed type. This transformation is called a Terastallizing. It’s now going to be possible in the TCG thanks to the new Obsidian Flames set.

What cards are in the Obsidian Flames set

The new set has over 190 new cards, including:

  • 15 Pokemon EX
  • 6 Tera Pokemon EX
  • 12 illustration rare Pokemon and supporters
  • 12 full-art Pokemon EX and supporters
  • 6 special illustration rare Pokemon and supporters
  • 3 hyper-rare gold

There are a few confirmed EX cards already. This includes a highly anticipated Tera Charizard. The Charizard EX card will be Dark-type. There is also a Tyranitar EX that’s Lightning-type, a Dragon-type Tera Dragonite EX, and a Colorless Tera Greedent EX.

The “type-shifted” Pokemon will use the same energy cards as their usual type but will have a different weakness that correlates to their shifted type. As an example, Charizard EX will still use fire energy to attack but will have a weakness to Grass-type Pokemon.

Other confirmed cards include Eiscue EX, Vespiquen EX, Revavroom EX, Melmetal EX, and Toedscruel EX.

Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box

The release of Obsidian Flames will come with a new Elite Trainer Box for collectors and competitors alike. It will have an illustration promo art featuring Charmander.

Over on Pokemon TCG Live, trainers will receive a pre-built Charizard EX deck and a premium Toedscruel EX deck that has to be unlocked.

The new set is coming out on August 10, 2023.


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