oBo styles on Furia Esports with pistol ace in cs_summit 8

By Kenneth Williams


May 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Furia Esports looks strong at cs_summit 8, but Evil Geniuses’ prodigy rifler gave them a scare in a group stage elimination match.

Evil Geniuses and Furia Esports both stumbled in their debut matches, losing to paiN Gaming and O Plano, respectively. The squads were put against each other for one last chance at the playoffs. After winning in double overtime on Overpass, Furia dominated their CT half of Inferno. After halftime, rifler Owen “oBo” Schlatter turned his pistol game up to 11.

In a one-on-four clutch situation, oBo began his retake through construction with nothing but a starting pistol. Furia’s smoke defuse split B site in half, helping oBo catch two defenders off guard. With just four bullets left, he swapped for Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato’s fully-loaded USP-S. Yuri “yuurih” Santos attempted to bodyguard Andrei “arT” Piovezan with just two second left on the defuse. Both fell to a pair of quick headshots.

The clip includes a shot of oBo’s teammates reacting to his insane pistol skills, with Evil Geniuses captain Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz in total disbelief.

oBo began his professional career on Complexity Gaming, but left unceremoniously when he was forced to return to the United States. He signed with Evil Geniuses in March and has looked very strong since. oBo’s stats include an impressive 0.78 kills and 85.6 damage per round in the last month. 

Unfortunately, this round was just a small victory for Evil Geniuses. The team was unable to overcome the round deficit, losing the playoff spot to Furia. cs_summit 8 is down to six teams competing for $50,000. The playoffs will begin on May 26 at 4:30 pm CDT.


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