oBo announces comeback desire, open to NA and EU team offers

By Nick Johnson


Dec 30, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Benched Complexity rifler Owen “oBo” Schlatter announced that he was open to offers in both North America and Europe just months after leaving his former team with little warning and even fewer options.

A tweet from oBo’s official Twitter account told any interested teams to contact Complexity and its CEO, Jason Lake, to discuss options for a transfer. On September 22, oBo suddenly boarded a plane back to the United States after Complexity moved its operations to Europe in anticipation of the world’s ongoing travel restrictions continuing. At the time, Complexity was tearing through Europe’s competition in ESL Pro League Season 12. 

oBo announces CSGO availability after ditching Complexity 

Prior to oBo’s departure, Complexity had tallied wins against such teams as fnatic, Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team Vitality and looked poised to make a surprising impact in the upper tier of professional CSGO. But once oBo returned home, Complexity was forced to play head coach Jamie “keita” Hall in his place. Complexity would go on to contract out the roster’s fifth spot to several ringers before settling on former 100 Thieves rifler Justin “jks” Savage.

While Complexity managed to find some footing toward the end of CSGO’s winter season, it never regained its position as a real threat to the circuit’s top teams. oBo’s first public statement after he left Complexity and its extended European bootcamp made it clear that he had left because he felt as though both his teammates and the Compelxity organization had little intention of returning to the United States in the near future.

“I was given zero reason to believe that things would change any time soon, if ever,” oBo told HLTV.

The player’s September desire to return home runs counter to the recent tweet and his apparent excitement at the prospect of returning to professional CSGO regardless of team or country.

For its part, Complexity seems content to let oBo go. Despite benching himself from Complexity’s lineup by way of his surprise trip home in the midst of an EPL playoff push, oBo remains under contract with the team.