NRG Esports reveals new logo and fans are laughing about it

By Steven Rondina


Jul 22, 2019

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NRG Esports has a new look and fans are not being nice about it.

The American esports brand has dropped its traditional black and red color scheme for something a bit more neon. The reveal of the organization’s new apparel came in the form of a video posted to social media, and the fan response was resoundingly negative.

The video itself features a handful of NRG Esports players including Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada and Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier in a sort of mock fight inspired by Dragon Ball Z. During the fight, the players sport a new neon green hoodie with the redesigned NRG Esports logo.

It was a bold move by the organization, but every single aspect of the reveal wound up getting panned by fans.

The video itself was brushed off for its low production values. Though the over-the-top fight scene was certainly unique and memorable, it had the look of a fan-made movie trailer rather than an actual rebranding for a prominent esports organization.

The new look was not received well, either. The revised logo and color scheme were panned as being something straight out of the 1980s with the logo itself having the look of the symbol on Captain Planet’s chest. The hoodie features nothing notable outside its luminescent colors, which made many wonder what NRG was looking to offer fans.

To top everything off NRG’s hoodie misspelled the word “unapologetic” on its sleeve, which fans quickly latched onto in order to mock NRG further.

In NRG’s defense, the redesign could be a good thing for the team long term.

NRG has long shared an unremarkable black and red color combination with a slew of other prominent esports organizations including Astralis, Misfits, and FaZe Clan. Neon green in particular stands far apart from anything else seen in the space and instantly differentiates NRG from other organizations. The logo also has a distinct look as well, stepping away from the sort of hurricane symbol that has been done many times in both esports and traditional sports.

Even well-executed rebrandings are typically met with pushback. Still, few would contend that this was executed well.


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