Ninja signs publishing deal, to release three books this year

Melany Moncav • June 22, 00:00

Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will be releasing three books in 2019.

Ninja is taking on a new challenge this year. The popular streamer is expanding his brand with a new book publishing deal.

Ninja, through his representatives at management firm Loaded, signed a deal with two Random House imprints. He will release two books with Clarkson Potter and one graphic novel with Ten Speed Press.

“Ninja: Get Good” and “Ninja Notebook” will hit the stores in August. Ninja: Get Good is a guide for aspiring streamers. The book includes tips to get better at Fortnite, how to start a successful stream, and how to create an online community.

Ninja Notebook is a journal with writing prompts and helpful tips and tricks. These books are focused on children, since much of Ninja’s audience consists of young kids.

“Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game” will be released in December. This graphic novel is a more mature project that targets young adults and teenagers.

The graphic novel is the first in a series that was co-written by Ninja, writer Justin Jordan, and artist Felipe Magaña.

“We are excited to bring these books to Ninja fans and gaming enthusiasts, offering them the opportunity to learn from one of the best gaming how-to books written, as well as transform into a fantastical gaming universe,” said Brandon Freytag, CEO and founder of Loaded.

Ninja became one of the most popular Twitch streamers in 2018 when he started playing Fortnite full-time.

That popularity allowed him to close deals with big brands including Red Bull, Samsung, and Electronic Arts.

“This is one of the huge projects I’ve been working on and so excited to finally announce my first book,” Ninja said.

Ninja is currently attempting to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup while also getting ready for the Metarama Gaming and Music festival.

Metarama will unite a broad variety of pro gamers with such musical artists as Imagine Dragons, Marshmello, Snoop Dogg, Grouplove, and others. The festival kicks off on October 19 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

Tickets for Metarama are currently for sale. Ninja: Get Good is up for pre-order.


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