Ninja, Pokimane, and more step away from Fortnite for Minecraft

By Marta Juras


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite players have been more than unsatisfied with Season X ever since its first update. Many streamers are leaving the game and turning towards other games like Minecraft, and not even Fortnite’s biggest streamers, including Imane “Pokimane” and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, are immune from making the switch.

The craze started when Epic Games decided to introduce the BRUTE mech, an overpowered vehicle that not even the best players could work against. Ever since then, the Fortnite community has been feeling more and more disappointed with every balance change and content update the game has received.

It all culminated in many players leaving the game behind, with a number of regular Fortnite streamers choosing to pick Minecraft over it. Popular streamer Pokimane has announced on Twitter that she will be playing Minecraft as Epic Games is continuously making decisions in opposition of what its playing community most wants, while the game’s biggest personality, Ninja, decided to join his colleagues in playing Minecraft without sending any specific hate towards Fortnite.

Ninja has, however, continued to play and stream Fortnite around time spent playing other games, but will likely be seen playing Minecraft more often. Fresh off of his paid switch from Twitch to Mixer, some of Ninja’s fans believe Microsoft has paid Ninja to play Minecraft. Mixer is Microsoft’s streaming platform, and it also owns Minecraft’s intellectual property.

The decision by some streamers to leave Fortnite came after the latest patch introduced a nerf to the speed of the turbo building process. With the change, the developer wanted to establish a more even playing field for all players regardless of ping. The move received instant community backlash after implementation and, unlike with the addition of BRUTE mechs, Epic quickly reversed course.

Being met with such negative feedback from the community once again, as well as seeing the game’s biggest influencers turning towards Minecraft or other games, Epic Games decided to revert this latest change. They did add some other tweaks in order to reduce the issue around disparate pings.

However, Fortnite’s community has been furious towards Epic for a while now, and the developer will have to do much more than revert one specific change to bring itself back into the good graces of players and fans.


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